the wanderings of a restless soul

I welcome you to join me in an unconventional #yogachallenge sponsored and hosted by yours truly– me! On June 11th I turn 31, and I want to share my yoga obstacles with the IG community for 11 days (until June 22nd) I plan to explore the asanas that are my obstacles, but also delve into other petals of yoga: meditation, spiritual growth, my relationship with others, etc. For this challenge you can either be inspired by my post on that day or share a completely different obstacle that is unique to you. You are under no obligation to follow me on IG (but if you want to my username is @unrulyyogi ). You also do not need to post everyday (although it would be cool if you did). Just consider this as taking part in my yoga journey and birthday festivities. I plan to surprise any three yogis who complete the 22 days with me some trinkets of my favorite things, so use the hashtag #myyogaobstacle when posting. Happy birthday to all my #gemini peeps! Feel free to repost. #yogainspiration #yogqmotivation #yogalove #yogalife #sangha #yogaobstacles #obstacles #myyogajourney #myyogalife I invite: @kylierayne @meagan_shackelford @blue_sky_yoga @blueskyyogasoul @asjajay @ms_rblackmonyogi @kelsiepritchard @kelseywaldenbohl @lauren_craig12 @infinity_pilates_monroe @fempotential @hopeanderson @o00nadia00o

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