the wanderings of a restless soul

Find Out About the ‘Wandering Womb’

I learned the following in one of my graduate courses taught by a larger than life female instructor that I still revere: In the 5th century BC, Hippocrates… first coined the term “hysteria” — from “hystera,” or uterus — and also attributed its cause to abnormal movements of the womb in a woman’s body.”

I was in awe of this misconception and, inspired by my English professor, dubbed the womb unruly in honor of a woman’s greatest folly, and most austere strength. I have embraced my unruliness ever since.

Full Definition of UNRULY



One thought on “Find Out About the ‘Wandering Womb’

  1. So the world is coming to an end this Saturday and I am writing for a blog instead of reading the bible… I have accomplished the most I wished for. I had smoked, not joint just because it stinks, I had sex on the beach, not the drink, but i bet the drink is much better, I jumped out of a plane, involuntarily, I almost shoot a missil, but the radar went down, seriously, I was waiting on superman so he can deliver, but last time I checked he was on a wheel chair ( wtf). I have failed too. But the point is that everything happends for a reason, I have learned that I can’t force things, only my jeans because they don’t fit. That’s why I live by harriet tubman’s sample…secret network led me where I am now, the least I am noticed, but the most I run, the most I accomplish. I just don’t think about it, I’ll do it. So my friend, if you want to accomplish something go for it and if you fail, you tried and don’t feel bad because there is something better awaiting for you. You just have to find it. Life is like a geocaching, OMG, that app is the shit, literally, ’cause if you don’t look where you walk, yes you may get that on your shoes (if u wear any). Anyways, life is like geocaching, you have it in front of you, but you don’t see it, keep looking and you’ll find it!! I love u cuz’.


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